Bringing Technology
To The Forefront Of
Business Innovation

Helping businesses make the most impact with smart technology tools and communication systems.

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Protecting your essential business applications and data.

Smart ERP systems for better communications & collaboration.

Network and physical security solutions for everyday concerns.

Better tools and technologies for those essential business tasks.

Protect your business from internal and external threats

Don’t let viruses and outside malevolent forces affect your business-critical functions or data. WISCO provides a multitude of security solutions to better protect your business.

Specializing In Servicing IT Infrastructure And Security Needs

Your Partner In Business Transformation and Innovation

Physical and Software tools necessary for long range identification and monitoring of perimeter and on premises access control.

Today’s essential infrastructure and software setup for monitoring and securing your on premises systems.

The necessary guidance and deep-dive into your IT systems and workflows for optimization and security auditing.
SMB's experienced a cyber attack within the last 12 months of business operations
0 %
SMB's which experience a cyber-attack are out of business within 6 months
0 %
increase in cybercrimes since COVID 19 spurred businesses online according to US FBI
0 %
Complaints of business email compromise which accounted for losses of over $1.7 Billion in 2019
0 K
Billion dollars worth of cyber crime inflicted reported losses to FBI of nearly 1,300/day in 2019
$ 0
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What Sets Us Apart

WISCO is committed to combatting the security and technology concerns facing businesses today and as such has partnered with leading solution providers to help alleviate customer concerns.

We’ve been fortunate throughout the years to have had the opportunity to work on a number of projects large and small which have helped grow our offerings and expertise.

As a company we believe our success is due to our staff of knowledgeable employees which embrace our motto of Kaizen in the daily constant improvement of our business operations.

We strive to be catalysts in business success through secure, smart, reliable, and efficient services, and solutions 

Dedicated to serving our local business community.
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