Remote IT Support

Your business will have been access to the support portal and account number to verify your identity when contacting support.

Your support plan may support virtual desktops at which point a support application can be found on your desktop to request remote IT support.

Depending on your support request we may require administrative approval and as such you may need to contact your business manager or IT administrator for approval.

Support requests vary in terms of complexity and support level. We generally guarantee a 24hr resolution to any support request. Depending on severity level of issue when filing support ticket response time will vary from 1hr to 8hr response time Severity A- Critical business impact: response time 1 hr Severity B- Moderate business impact: response time 2-4hrs Severity C: Minimum business impact: response time 8hrs
Please reply to the support ticket email with issues experiencing for escalation of ticket to higher tier support and resolution of technical issue.

WISCO provides support throughout local business hours of 6:00 AM- 6:00 PM.

Should a severity A issue arise we will have a technician on the issue within a 2 hour window.

Equipment Purchases

Orders will be shipped as soon as reception is confirmed in our warehouse and payment is received. If product is in stock product will be shipped within 24hrs of payment reception. Tracking information is given upon shipment of orders.
Dependent on equipment ordered Wisco generally gives 1 year warranty on professional equipment. Warranties vary by equipment specifications and may have manufacturer warranties applied rather than Wisco Warranty.
Wisco Provides assistance in configuration, mapping, and installation of proffessional equipment for additional service charge. Service level agreement may be required prior to commitment of proffesional assistance.
Backordered equipment from manufacturers will only have payment processed upon reception and acceptance of delay by customer. Should you need to speak to an account executive please give us a call or send and email.


Please have your administrator or IT manager send us an email at or contact our regional office number.
If you have questions about changing or canceling your support plan please create a new support request. For Issue type*, select Support management*. Select the applicable support plan, and then select Request for cancellation of a subscription*. Because support plans are billed monthly, you won’t get a prorated refund if you cancel before the end of the month. Only your dedicated administrator will have the option to upgrade or cancel support.
IT Support is billed on a monthly basis. Depending on your service agreement you may have 6 or a 12 month agreement at which point your support is prepaid.
Support dates can be found in the administrator support portal. You will be given automatic notification upon 15 day support expiry and upon date of support expiration. Please send an email at for support renewal.

Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

Wisco will maintain and support current and future equipment installed for period specified within SLA. We will notify customer of equipment degradation or failures prior to replacement of equipment. We are not responsible for data rates and fees accrued.
In the event of equipment failure a technician will come by to have a comprehensive analysis of issues incurred. We may provide temporary fix or equipment loan for business critical functions of which will have to be reimbursed.
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